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Investing in Cardano

Building, supporting & investing in projects on the Cardano blockchain

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Using DeFi protocols

We utilize our assets to generate profits across Cardano DeFi protocols and distribute part of the earnings among our community

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Empowering Cardano projects

We analyze projects on Cardano, exploring collaboration opportunities by offering liquidity to their pools, investing in early stages, or providing advisory support

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Building projects of our own

We develop our own projects to offer diverse solutions and contribute to the expansion of the Cardano blockchain ecosystem

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Why VixFi?

Only 10 million VixFi tokens

VixFi has a very small supply of tokens compared to other Cardano ecosystem projects

No token inflation

Our tokenomics is designed to avoid token inflation.

Buyback & burn system

We share our profits with our community through our buyback and burn system

Crypto Dividends

Our holders can generate crypto dividends through DEXes and staking platforms

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Usage of DeFi protocols

Investing in projects

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Cryptocurrency Investment Icon Style
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20% Projects profits

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50% Buyback & Burn


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30% Treasury

What do we do?

Office Workers. Co-Workers. Colleagues Discuss Project Teamwork. Office Staff Work and Communication
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25% Treasury

Can’t fall below 20% while the VixFi market price is below 1 ADA


5% Team tokens

Locked until the token price reaches 1 ADA or until 1 year has passed since VixFi were listed in the market

1.More than 200 investors

2.Approximate market capitalization of 500K ADA

3. Deflationary tokenomics

Available on:

70% Circulating supply

VixFi tokens allocated for public trading on the decentralized exchanges

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Ignas N.

Community member since 2018

Ex-Head of Finance

Co-Founder of BUZZ The Bellboy

Host of YouTube channel “Los Cardano”


Linh Le

Business development

Leading roles in tech industry

Experienced in start-ups


John Taiwo

Experienced in social media

Incharge of Vix FInance social platforms

Focused on community growth

Social Media Manager